The 4 main financial fears of a couple

medos financeiros
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Fear of not influencing the relationship: “He’s always done our finances, who am I to say anything about it?” or “I don’t work, how am I supposed to have a say in our finances?”

Fear of not being respected: “She won’t respect me if I don’t earn a lot of money”

Fear of lack of security: “What will happen if we split up?” or “What will happen if we have an emergency”.

Fear of dreams not coming true: “Before we got married we had so many dreams…”

I think it’s very important for the couple to talk about their fears, because usually one person’s fear is completely different from the other.

The truth is that you will act in a certain way with your money according to the fears you have.

You need to understand your partner’s fear so that you can also understand their point of view. It may be that their biggest fear has to do with a past relationship and they may be very afraid of the same thing happening again.

So choose a quiet moment and say: “My biggest financial fear is…”

And listen to what your partner’s biggest fear is and talk about your fears, this is the beginning of understanding in your relationship.

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