My story from Brazil to Holland

I arrived in Holland with a goal:

To make money! 

It’s true, I was 24 years old and my goal was to reach 30 years old with enough money to go back to Brazil and open my own company. 

My focus, a lot of work and perseverance helped me to get the amount I wanted, but this was only the beginning.

I brought to Holland everything I had learned about finance in Brazil, an unstable economy, several financial products, very high interest rates…a totally different scenario from the European economy, I confess it was very interesting to learn about both worlds.

In the most difficult moment of my life, when I was about to give up, I ended up getting the job of my dreams. A few months later, I found the love of my life, the plans changed and I decided to stay in Holland. 

After 8 years working in the corporate world, I had the support of my husband to face a new challenge, entrepreneurship. 

What a joy it was to complete my qualification as a finance coach, I could combine everything I had learned about investments, administration and accounting with my passion for teaching. 

For almost 3 years I have had the opportunity to transform people’s lives through financial education, the journey is not easy, there were already several moments when I asked myself if it would really work out, but I learned to focus on victories:

Every time a client sends me a loving message thanking me for my service. 

Every time a student tells me that the Financial Peace course changed his life. 

My company is very different from these big financial institutions, which just want to sell products and get commissions.

My service is welcoming and personalized (ah, you can’t forget the Brazilian touch, right?!), but it is like this mainly because I care, I know the sacrifices and prejudices that you had to face to live outside your country and I want you to know that you can count on me. 

I’m here to walk with you and help you achieve all your financial goals. 

With affection,

PS: I would love to hear your story, so click on answer and tell me a little bit.

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